Saturday, June 30, 2012

10 amazing animations (part 2)

6. Second wind

This not sure what to say about this one... its...hard to explain. but the animation style reminds me of the secret of Kells. one of my all time favorite movies. It also makes me wish I had a giant cat to hang out with... haha

7. Dragon boy

This little animation shows you that your knight in shining armor- isnt always a good guy. my question is...where did a kid so young get a blade so sharp? 0.o..

8. Alarm

This animation reminds me of what my brother probably looks like when hes getting up in the morning...full of humor and half asleep badassery to keep you entertained. Plus the way he gets his milk from in front of the door is simply amazing! plus look at that bouncy hair!! hahaha!!

9. Squishy

This one is Cute...simple and makes you go Aww =3

10. The Cat piano

Oh how could I forget about this little gem?? Seriously? I friggin love this...Nick caves narration to the amazing poem and Animation just makes this a wonder to behold. Watch it- enjoy it- love it.


10 amazing animations (part 1)

Hi there- Kid Amaru here- Coming to you to bring you some awesome things you need to watch. Because they deserve the knowledge of their existence from more than just me. I look for these things when Im bored and have nothing to do- and sometimes I even surprise myself with what I find. So lets get started!!

1. Kung fu cooking girls (NSFW)

Not only is the animation interesting and cool, but the basicness of the story and what they do with the characters is both fun and very enjoyable. theres nothing really horrible in it- but there are a few shots that would make your boss wonder haha. Not only is the animation in this amazing and unique- but it somehow manages to still be good even though they obviously and purposely color outside the lines in the cells. seriously- Its got delicious food and kung fu action and pretty girls doing that kung fu.. What more could you want?

2. A portal 2 fanmade video

Its adorable, well done, fits perfectly, and I wish it was the actual ending to the game.

3. Crayon dragon

I seriously LOVE LOVELOVELOVELOVE this little video- I have watched it multiple (and I mean like... in the 20s +) times and every time I choke up at the end. It has beautiful animation, a wonderful matching soundtrack....and it does in 3 minutes what most movies cant do in over an hour- you wont be dissapointed.

4. Follow the rabbit

(it wont let me embed- so heres the link ^^)

Follow the rabbit link

This is one interesting Short animation piece- Im not sure what to say about it really- but its definately worth a watch- and I wont spoil the ending for you... why dont you just... follow the rabbit? ^^

5. Switch

This one has such an interesting and simple concept- boy locked in room with white walls and one switch...nothing else to do but flip it and see what happens =3

(continued in part 2)