Saturday, August 4, 2012

Top saddest things I've seen/played/read

Hey there!

I have certainly read, seen and played alot more than whats here- I just cant remember everything- and if I think of more to any of these areas I'll probably add them- or just make another list XD I also really need to make myself a top banner.... haha- in any case!-

You have been warned

Now just to let you know- these arent in much of an order- because I cant decide the order....So... heres the top shows, books and games that made me cry that I've played (but may not have finished!)

Games first~

--Harvest moon: A wonderful life

Okay....first off lemme tell you something for those of you who havent played this- or may never play this...this isnt the SADDEST game ever. Its not the game itself thats particularly sad... its something that happens to you in this game...

Lemme explain.. Harvest moon: a wonderful life lets you live through a lifetime- and when I say a lifetime I mean it- you literally grow old in this game. grey hair and everything...


you spend a long time playing it- the different chapters range from one to 3 years....after playing it for so long, getting invested, raising your son....building a successful farm...

On the last day of the last year...

You die!

Im not kidding...your character friggin dies! I mean yea you get old..and everything but...I was so heartbroken! I found myself playing the last day repeatedly- and then not going to sleep and shutting it off so I didnt have to have him die again..

it was sad okay?? DONT JUDGE ME!

**Notable mention: When Galens wife nina dies after the first year.

-The Dog Island

Do you all remember that phenomenon a while back with the pictures of dogs with their noses too close to the camera?

Well they made a game out of it!

This game is actually for kids- but its soooo cute I had to at least try it- with their big heads- big eyes and augh adorable!

anyway the premise of this game is that well you're a live in a colony/town of other dogs...and these dogs wear adorable get to choose from a bunch of breeds and what gender, then whatever you choose you get a younger sibling. Then you get to run around as an adorable big headed puppy dog! Howling at enemies to stun them instead of attacking them, and sniffing everything and digging up places to find cool stuff! Whats so sad about that?

Oh right I forgot....your younger sibling is REALLY REALLY Sick!

the whole point of this game is that you're trying to find him/her a cure. But gah... he sends you letters...

LETTERS! and they make me sad to read them!

I couldnt find any pictures...but gawd...those letters... anyone whos played this game would know what I mean! I still havent finished playing it.

-Professor layton and the unwound future


For those of us who have played the other games and seen the movie the ending of this one hit us alot harder I think- but that doesnt mean the ending of this game doesnt still resonate well with other people too- even if they never played the other games- it still gets you invested in the story enough to get upset at this ending.

Whyyyyyyy simply whyyyy

Wanna see what I mean?


It had me crying like a small child....

Damn you made me have feelings...!! *clings to Layton*


Books now~

--Socrates in love-

I read and own the manga of this, and I really liked it. Its about this kid who loves this girl Aki, and they seem to be really happy together- but then he finds out she has Lukemia, and despite his best efforts he loses her-...just the way it was done made me cry....

If you want to read it yourself you can go here-

Read socrates in love

One day I'll have to read the actual novel.

--Apollos song

I actually picked this one up out of pure chance- my friend Crystal and I were at the library in the used book area I didnt see it- but Crystal did- and when she showed it to me I went for it- it was done by Osamu Tezuka, one of my all time faves (along with Miyazaki and Kon) and I had to have it no matter what- so I bought it for a dollar. And started reading it.

The story was interesting but really sad..

as wikipedia says:

"The story begins with the words of Tezuka describing love and death as a cycle that men and women must endure and repeat until the end of time. We are introduced to Shogo Chikaishi, a young boy living with his single mother, who gave birth to him after a series of affairs with various men. The hatred of Shogo's mother causes the boy to grow up lonely, bitter and angry. This leads to Shogo killing various animals upon seeing the love they give to their offspring. After sneaking into a farm and murdering a hen, Shogo is arrested and taken to a mental institute.

The head doctor at the institute uses shock therapy to try to clear Shogo's mind and stop his violent behavior. However, upon being shocked for the first time, Shogo has an out-of-body experience and ends up in a temple where he meets the Greek goddess of wisdom Athena who subjugates him to a series of 'trials'. Shogo would have to experience love across different time periods for the rest of eternity, dying repeatedly until he can one day understand the true meaning of love'."

All the different experiences are well done and make you feel bad for him...especially the ending...but I wont spoil that....

I love these books (theres two)- Check them out if you can find them.

---Chrono crusade

Technically this could be in both books and movies- but since the mangas came before the anime- we'll put it here. Chrono crusade is Sad. undeniably sad. And its one of my prized possessions both the anime and the mangas, no ones allowed to borrow them.

Anyway- This Manga is about a girl named Rosette who works for a convent exterminating demons and all manner of unholy things- she does this with the help of her demon partner Chrono who she has a contract with- and said contract is slowly killing her everytime she calls upon it. Chrono tries to keep her from using it- but dammit baddies keep getting in the way!

The series is the perfect blend of everything- but its mainly the ending to both- that makes you sad- I mean sure the rest of it has sad moments too-like when Chrono tells us about Mary Magdalene, Or when Azmaria tells us about her own curse, or even rosettes brother Joshua and what happened at seventh bell orphanage all those years ago- but once you become so invested in these characters and their lives....the ending...It just made me sad.

But least Chrono and Rosette get to be together.

right? ;-;



---The iron giant

Okay- to be fair alot of this movie isnt sad at all...theres just two particular scenes that get me everytime. But first what the storys about eh?

A giant robot crash lands on earth near this small town....somewhere (I dont recall it ever telling us where it is.) And this adventurous kid named Hogarth (haha it still makes me giggle) goes out to investigate a noise when hes home alone and without Television... (the giant ate his antennae) And finds him- terrified at first the two become friends. And Hogarth teaches him earthly things...and whatnot and its just all around good fun and mayhem...

Until you use weapons near him. Then the giant tends to...well...go a little crazy...Or if you hurt Hogarth you're in for a world of hurt. But to the two parts that make me sad.

The first one is where Hogarth and the giant are wandering around the woods-and they hear a gunshot- they run to investigate and find two hunters have shot and killed a deer...and well...Its not good- They find the deer and the giant is wondering why its...not moving- Hogarth yells at him for touching it- and augh its so sad! Poor giant!

The second one...its near the end. When the military and its stupidity (or rather the idiocy of ONE idiot) decides hey- lets blow up the giant...right where we're standing....

In the middle of a town. And well... then you get this...

You go be superman Giant..! you go be superman!

I wont follow! ;-;

--The Simpsons movie

You're probably asking me, "Kid, WHY the simpsons movie?... the simpsons isnt sad... its crazy funny nonsense!"

You're right... It is.. But how long have we watched it? known about it, heard about it? Read it? For over 20 years- Thats 20 years to learn these characters inside out- get into their families, and almost make it seem like they're in the town next to you-

You get close, you love them. So when something bad happens.... you feel bad.

And thats what happens in the simpsons movie...

the basic premise is Homer being stupid- he saves a pig at krusty burger- but doesnt properly dispose of its....leavings, instead he keeps them all in an appropriately named "Pig silo *insert bad drawing of a pig here* " And then well Marge tells him to get rid of it... so what does he do? He throws it in the already polluted lake... and sets off a chain reaction that leads to the government covering all of springfield in a huge dome....then eventually trying to blow up the entire town...But even that didnt make me sad...

This did.

(sorry about the quality- this pic was hard to find)

See Homer doesnt want to go back to the angry mob that tried to kill him in springfield for polluting the lake- even though the town was going to be destroyed- so Marge takes the kids and leaves him to go save the town... but the sad part isnt that either- its the video she leaves for homer that makes me cry...

I couldnt find a video clip of it.

But she taped her goodbye over their wedding video...bawww!


This movie is by one of my faves- Osamu tezuka (he was mentioned earlier) Its basically set in a futuristic town, where theres tons of advanced robots that run nearly everything and do nearly everything, like detective work, police officers, and even firemen- yes there are firemen robots- and they make a cute little buzzing tune while they form up and put out fires. This seems silly but its really not. All robots have their places- and if they go out of their boundaries they're dealt with in a very violent manner. (usually by shooting their robot brains out...woohoo!)

anyway the story is about this kid named Ken'ichi, his grandfather, and a girl named Tima and this giant... Tower...called the ziggurat.

Tima is a robot created by a scientist (you dont really learn alot about him) to resemble the dukes deceased daughter- Madness ensues... and well here- this video will sum it up well.

nooooo Timmaaaa!! ;-;

--Grave of the fireflies

Augh this movie... THIS MOVIE! I have never watched this movie again- I watched it once at least over 9 years ago- it depressed me- never saw it again- I was crying so hard! Its not a bad movie- in fact its VERY GOOD- Its just depressing! In fact it was SO depressing that apparently when it was shown in theatres it had a double feature with "My neighbor totoro" so that people had something happy to leave the showing with....instead of depression!

Deep gnawing...evil depression!

Its basically about a brother and sister who are orphaned during the end of the second world war- the hardships they face, and how much Seita cares for Setsuko- the things he does to try to keep his sister with him are both adorable and heart breaking...

All they go through- you want them to Succeed you want them to be together forever

And they do... just... not...

Augh this movie!


-AI artificial intelligence

Another movie I watched once and never watched again. And again its not a BAD movie... Im just a complete sissy. I watched this movie so long ago- I cant tell you everything about it- but what I do know is that theres this family whos son has a rare disease and has been placed in suspended animation until a cure can be found, so these scientist guys give the parents a robotic child to care for to test it out- His name is david.

David by all means acts like a normal kid- he falls in love with the mother like a child would- However a cure is found for the REAL son (martin) and a sibling rivalry starts up- where Martin and his friends keep getting david into trouble- where finally things get too out of hand and instead of Destroying david like shes supposed to- the mother (monica) leaves him alone in the forest. Distraught and alone- David goes on his own adventure- runs into trouble...and really all he wanted was monica....

he gets his wish though.

After I watched this movie I was crying so hard and hugging my pets so tightly, and they hated it- I will probably never watch this movie again- once was enough!

I do have to reiterate that its a good movie though..

Just so you know. XD

So? Are you as much of a sap as I am?