Monday, May 5, 2014

10 More Animations you have to look at

Hey there turnip chowderians! I have more short films you have to watch-! No specific order because Im really bad at order!

1. How a blind girl sees the world.

This little video is soooo friggin adorable, it gives a pretty fun and fantasy oriented way that someone who is young and blind might see things shes never seen she might figure them out- and how they would sound and seem to her. A little exaggerated perhaps, but all of it is good.

2. Control Bear

It has a very studio ghibli feel to it.. the animation is wonderful, and though the story is short and pretty simple- you will not be dissapointed ^^

3.  Little heart

Two dolls in love could NOT be more adorable than this ;-;

4. Children

In a world where everything is the same, nothing changes- and no one is different than anyone else...there will always be a breaking point.

5. The maker

Even the strangest things can see beauty...create beauty, and wish for better.

6. Hand in Hand

Wont let me embed... sooo here it is!

This animation is awesome...I mean come on...story book characters get jealous, come to life and fight each other!

7. Nothing

Another one it wont let me Embed (because they're a different language probably?) Either way here it is ^^

I dont have to know Japanese to find this adorable.

8. 11:08

Lol Daydreaming in school...we've all been there eh?

9. One last shot

A minute and a half of rooftop fight scene done awesomely right!

10. Catman!

Theres more than one video for this- so I'll link you to the youtube page and put the first ep here-

Catman is a strange journey in the life of a cat who only cares about himself...It may not be animated the greatest- Catman might be a pretentious asshole- but I found myself watching every single episode.

Theres also apparently a better animated movie? Or something. but All I managed to find was this trailer- It sums it all up pretty damn well XD

~Till next time!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Vintage movie madness- A journey through Fairyland

Hey there Turnip chowderians!

I am here- back...sorta...I found another movie to watch!

Sanrio's (yes..that sanrio) "A journey through fairyland"

I used to see this commerical On one of my old VHS's and I always wanted to see it... well I finally found a vhs at a resale shop...Didnt think I ever would!

Released way back in 1985..Its older than ME! WOW....Its a fantasia-like story about a boy who loves to Garden more than he loves to play his Oboe- and this gets him into trouble since he continuously is late for class. And messes up when playing..

though this isnt to say hes not any good- he just doesnt seem to be good under pressure- because he is in fact a very good musician when its just him and the flowers. night he falls asleep in the garden, and hes woken up by Florence- a flower fairy..she basically flirts with him, and he follows her to flowerland after getting kicked out of the academy... where Treble tries to get him back into music, cuddle things try to hug him to death...more flowers make out with him...and theres something about a magic wand?

All of it (minus a few narrative bits) are set to classical music- again like fantasia- And I admit- upon writing this review I havent even fiinished the movie yet..and im not sure where Im at in it as I havent seen it before now.

But I can tell you at least it is an enjoyable romp into something fantastical...The animation isnt bad..the storylines not bad either- and if you enjoy looking at old cartoons for what they are and want something nice to look up at every so often while you work this is the movie for you.

It doesnt challenge you, doesnt ask you for anything- and really its pretty good, for its age.

I like it.

but thats me.

Give it a chance at least ^^