Thursday, October 18, 2012

Top 3 cartoons that Shaped my life

Hey there! Time for another random blog post~ Arent you special- today guys we're going to look deep into my brain and show you the top cartoons I used to watch as a kid- that made me the crazy girl I am today!

Some of you may remember these- and maybe they shaped you as well? I havent a clue!

Either way lets get on with this!

1 - Rankin/bass's Return of the king

Though generally thought of by people as... well Horrible- this movie was one of the BIGGEST influences in my life- we got the vhs when I was 4. because well mom (as she had told me) thought it sounded like a fun adventure for us little children...if only she had known then what she had done.

if only.

This is as we found out over 10 years later- the ENDING of the trilogy- so basically we knew the ending before we even knew the beginning of the story- (The minstrel explaining some of it in this movie DOESNT count people!)

Either way we didnt care- me, and my cousins ate this nonsense up- we loved it- for us it was the greatest thing! We'd always watch it- and act out the scenes (my one cousin would be frodo and I'd play samwise...Shut up- he can be a girl if we wanted him to be!) Though back then I wonder why we kept his name...Instead of samwise why not call him Samantha-wise? hahaha. Back on topic.

To be completely honest Alot of the story made no sense- Im betting due to not being able to see the ones before this movie- I mean...I didnt even know what sauron was...until I saw peter jacksons version I thought he was a fiery shield... I mean...look at this and tell me you dont think the same?

Seriously...thats what it looks like...but was still a bit creepy.

There are also ALOT of songs in this show- due to Jules Bass and Aurthur Rankin always figuring its easier to tell a story with sung words than have to animate everything- And considering their cartoons are usually over 90 minutes...yea I can see why they would do this...I personally LOVE the songs- but again I grew up in love with them.

But the one most people seem to remember is this one:

In fact if I ever mention the movie to anyone- either they ask if its the one with this song in it- or they dont know it until I mention this song, OR they simply dont know what the hell the movie is.
And mostly their reaction if they DO know the movie is "That movie sucked except that song"

Ah well. I still love the hell out of this movie. I watch it allllllllll the time- even being as old as I am- I still have my original VHS too- still sorta works, was watched so much the tape inside looks alot like this ~~~~~~ hahaha...yup.

But I have it on DVD now beeyotches~ ^^

It may not have been a cinematic masterpiece or anything to most people- but to me and my cousins who may as well have been siblings- it was awesome as hell! So it has to make this list.

So what were the impacts this movie left me with?
-It made me like angst
-Gave me my love for angry eyes... (Seriously Frodo has some of the best ones.)
-Probably gave me a few of my fictional sadistic tendencies.
-Made me like weird...warbly music- Silly Glenn Yarborough.

Also Did you know? Animators from studio ghibli used to work for Rankin/bass.

And now I move onto the next entry- and leave you with a funny review of ROTK.

2- The original My little pony

I dont mean that series that came out in the 80s. I mean the first EVER episode ever animated of my little pony-

I still have this- and it was amazing! In fact even though it was only like a half hour long- the censors STILL found ways to cut stuff out of it to make it EVEN shorter- now if you buy this movie you're missing out on alot because they took out an entire song (Because mr. Moochick lived in mushrooms) So you have the characters say "Lets go find that rainbow!" and suddenly they have it- without much of an explanation because they guy they got it from? yea he was removed...great job guys.

does he look dangerous to you?

I loved this movie in its entirety, and when I was younger I loved my little ponies. (I still have like all my toys- or at least the ones our dogs didnt get a hold of and completely destroy...)

And firefly was definately my favorite I also really liked Scorpan...though he looked cooler as a monster...
yes..that is spike <3

Ahh well whatever- this movie rocks... and if you want to watch it all- you can go right here!

What this movie made me like?

- It taught me that even sparkling pretty goody two shoe magical ponies can be badass
-that rainbows can be badass
-I probably was my first introduction into anthro art and I just didnt know it.
-It made me wish I was Megan....damn you megan!!

3- Teddy ruxpin

Next on this list of awesome was Teddy Ruxpin!
Truth be told I didnt remember much about this from when I was little except the fact that we had the awesome Fob puppet. (An orange one I affectionately call Normie.) And the Teddy and Grubby Dolls that spoke or sang or did whatever you wanted depending on what Tape you put into those creepy holes in their backs.

I also remember I used to try to Ride on grubby...Giddyap you....Octopede!

And upon watching it now that Im older- My favorite character has to be Tweeg-

Seriously... hes such  bad guy... and hes also BAD at being bad. He always makes me giggle. From lighting a match on a "thank you for not smoking" sign, to actually engraving his cannon balls with "Return to tweeg" He is funny as hell. PLus he has a complex with what he is and the fact that L.B always mispronounces his name.

What Teddy ruxpin taught me
-Just because you're bad doesnt mean you're BAD- you could be misunderstood.
-Songs can fix EVERYTHING....
-It doesnt matter what you are- it matters how you live.

and so I leave you with the Opening theme- and you tell me thats not something you'd enjoy watching.

And there you go- the three cartoons that influenced me-when I was little <3

ahh nostalgia~

what about you? What cartoons do you think helped make who you are?