Sunday, September 29, 2013

Top 10 older cartoons, with surprisingly good hidden morals

So- Im sure you've heard it before- The new cartoons are very watered down compared to what we used to watch...they dont really teach much of anything- and they are only there to be pretty colors, brain cell killers and a just a distraction from life.

Well. Older cartoons certainly werent like that!

heres the top 10 Old cartoons with surprisingly good morals hidden in them.

10. Yankee Doodle Donkey


Moral: What you are isnt important...its what you can do with what you've been given thats important.

9. Trolley Ahoy

Moral: Impatience does nothing but cost you the end its not worth it.

8. Somewhere in dreamland

 Moral: You dont need extravagance to be happy- but the kindness of strangers can go a long way.

7. A car-tune Portrait

Moral:  Denying who you are will only make it that much worse when it comes back to remind you.

6. Panchito

Moral: Sometimes the most extreme circumstances will bring out the best in you.

5. Raggedy ann - Suddenly its spring

Moral: Sometimes you should put aside what you WANT for the good of someone else.

4. Ants in the plants

Moral: Never underestimate the power of teamwork

3. Barnyard brat

Moral: Treat others how you want to be treated.

2. Small fry

Moral: Dont be in a hurry to grow up.

1. The little Red hen

Moral: If you dont do the work, Dont expect to partake in the reward.

At least these are the ones I interpret them to have...maybe Im wrong? Maybe Im right? What do you think? Do you see different ones than me? Let me know!

till next time!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Vintage movie madness: Raggedy ann and Andy's musical Adventure

Hey there Turnip Chowderians!

I've decided to watch and tell you what I think of another Old movie! Today its Raggedy Ann and Andys musical adventure.

I picked this one up from a resale shop simply because of the nostalgia critic. In his top 11 minf*cks video he mentions this one...and seeing as I was never a fan of raggedy ann OR andy- I didnt even think about this movie till he mentioned it.

It was made in 1977, back when weird imagery was everywhere because people were used to it. And honestly I think thats where some of the best movies and things come from because people had IMAGINATION back then and they actually tried.

But yea enough of that what about the movie?

Today I'll be writing as I watch it- ahha, so you get to read my reactions first hand. If you want a better synopsis of the plot you can just go here- but please stick around with me too.

Lets go!

Well first off- It starts off with live action, The little girl (Marcella) cannot act worth anything- her lines are stale and she doesnt even sound like shes trying- not only that but shes extremely abusive to poor Raggedy Ann- hasnt she been through enough??

Then we get animated credits then its back to live action....but only until everything changes into a cartoon...RIGHT in front of you...

The a mindfuck from the first two minutes... seriously the characters grin like they're serial killers, and the toys move like dead bodies, flopping everywhere... and its a bit creepy...Everything is apparently trying to kill me....

The story is where the girl who owns the two dolls, has her 7th birthday- so theres apparently a new toy in a box that was crushing Andy- (Toy story anyone?) and while some people are excited for this new addition, Andy is against it- and hes sick of being a "Girls toy"

But it switches between live action and animated...and that little girl still cant act.... I swear though if I had that girls toys I'd be scared to sleep at night....

The toys introduce themselves to the new toy- named Babette- and Babette doesnt seem to like the playroom because to her its a "horrible place" but the other toys try to use a song to convince her otherwise...

and it doesnt work....Babette sings (horribly) in french about about how she hates it there....She just got there- wtf Babette.....

Uh oh... the captains in love...Better try to get out of that snowglobe dude...

Oh right dont do it yourself dude- Get Raggedy ann to do it... then turn against them all and try to kidnap Babbette... you are a peach Captain...

Also Prehensile mustache? Wtf?

Another song? Its only like 20 minutes in and theres been at least 9...(maybe) Well it IS a musical adventure...

So now its an adventure to save Babette?...why would you? She was a bitch... you just jump out the window and wander the wilderness- SMART!

Haha okay I kinda like this song.. its very cute...

Here you go XD Enjoy.

Then they meet a strange camel.....Who chases Camels in the sky?...wut?

Oh another song....What is that now?...A bajillion?

Apparently the Camel is trying to be hank williams? Wut?

Okay This camel is apparently on drugs....On sooooo many drugs.... Stupid camel where are you running to? thats a cliff.....!!

Okaaayyyy wtf did they land in? Uhmm Andy thats not a cherry..Okay we are in mindf*ck territory now... the introduction of "The Greedy" is just plain weird...

Kids this is what happens to you when you eat too much candy....Dear lord...

Oh joy another song...

They animated this thing almost too well...Im feeling lightly queasy watching The greedy move and do whatever the hell hes doing....

Raggedy Ann he JUST sang a song about how he wants a "Sweetheart" And you go and blurt out that you have a CANDY ONE?...seriously? Of COURSE hes going to come after you....*facepalm*

So they get out of there and meet up with this weird knight dude (Leonard looney)- who was spying on them, and now wants to always play practical jokes on them...

Okay...Im already annoyed with leonard Looney...and heres another song?....An annoying song...someone shut him up!

More strange Mind screwy ness...I cant explain it...but its black and white now! With weird old timey music in the background...? theres a king guy?...whered he come from? and its back in color now...


Look at this!! OMG *Laughing at this*

*Stops laughing*....Nevermind...another song....Its not funny anymore... *Snickers*

Okay thats weird....The king only "Grows" when he laughs at other people.... And I quote:

"Do some more to this one here-he makes me expand real good" (motions to Andy)

Uhmm.. okay king dude....whatever you say....*ahem*

Anyway Ann and Andy dont want to make the king laugh so they try to escape in a boat and the king calls in his...strange stretchy...frog...guys? To capture them... Meanwhile Ann and Andy find the captains ship and moves to try to save Babette. But find she doesnt need saving....As the crew loves her... and she is now the captain! hoping to sail back to Paris.

...and theres another song....

And the captain is in the brig... lol thats what you get!...ugh... and theres another song? we just finished one...

Ann you have the telescope backwards...

Uhm... if it says "dont pull me"...that usually means you shouldnt pull it? And great job guys you sank the ship! And landed on Captains ship!

And after getting snubbed by babette- Who makes a pretty good evil pirate- they get captured and are full speed ahead for Paris... and not far behind is apparently that VERY short king. With his... frog... thing?

Apparently hes going to be the worlds best tickler....wut?

HAHAH the king slammed into the side of the ship... nice...

Uhmmm now everyones getting that....Octopus frog monster....

And....The king exploded from too much laughter....


Very creepy...

Swirling vortex of weird...and Live action marcella finds them all outside... but she doesnt find the camel...Awwwww thats kind of sad.

We cut to the nursery where everyone is (but the camel) ...We get another song... Babette and the captain are apparently An item now- and hes allowed to visit her on sunday...

But those Camels dancing in the sky lead the camel to the nursery and he watches in the window as the other toys sing...They finally notice him and let him in..And everyone welcomes him into the home...

But what about Marcella?

Yea she doesnt care- shes just like another toy? AWESOME...!!

So what do I actually think about this movie?

The animation in it is awesome- I cant stress that enough- its very very good. sometimes TOO good....

However the story itself? Its pretty boring and really weird...The two main characters have no real development- and though their sibling relationship is adorable... and they're both very nice- they dont learn anything- All the tons of new characters distract from any REAL plot development and it more than anything seems and feels like something they wanted to add as much Crazy stuff to as possible. Without any really good ideas or story behind it.

Theres also FAR too many songs- and thats saying something since I LIKE songs in cartoons movies...but theres way too many in this literally one every two minutes I swear...

However its not bad- and if you like old movies simply for nostalgia check it out- as I said the animations good- but the little girl playing marcellas acting is as dull as dishwater... XD

Till next time!


Monday, July 1, 2013

Vintage movie madness: Gallavants

Hey there Turnip chowderians~!!

Its been a bit huh? I just havent had much to write least nothing I figured anyone would find interesting. But today I decided to do something just because I had nothing better to do...

So I made up a new segment- yay- Vintage movie madness (Name subject to change later haha)

Basically since I love old cartoons And old movies- I figure I'll add a section of my random blog about when I randomly watch these and tell you what I think about them.

So onto our first One! From 1984 we have The:

This particular cartoon was one I had ALWAYS wanted to see, back in the day it was on all the VHS's we owned after the real show (When commercials werent obtrusive and annoying in the beginning) But I could NEVER EVER find it... well I found it recently for a really cheap price and picked it up.

Then decided to watch it.

Im iffy on if this was a good idea or not.

This movie is weird..but in an interesting way. The animation for a kids movie is Top notch and the songs are super catchy and-

Well wait, lets just start at the beginning instead haha...

(Im going off of what I remember from watching it the other day- so things might be slightly off)

Our story starts by telling us about A place called Ganterville, where the Gallavants live, everyone once they get a certain age, get their "Kabumps" (in other words....yea they become adults but in a ...kid friendly way?) And they get assigned jobs- They work hard to make the ant colony type thing work...

all except for one.

This ones Shando.

He's the lovable rulebreaker of the movie. He doesnt want to do what hes assigned and is the one who goes against the teacher at every turn while still respecting the hell out of him, Because by all means he doesnt hate Teetor (his teacher ant) but he doesnt want to be like everyone else-

It also doesnt help that he sucks at everything he tries to do...

But Shando wants to play music and doesnt really want to grow up- so he doesnt. And this puts his mentor in danger of getting fired- since the queens guard thinks hes a useless teacher and Shando is just the ant to prove his point.... blah blah blah


Luckily he gets a pick me up song from one of his best friends...

then things get better haha

Dont get me wrong guys- this movie IS NOT BAD. Apparently in scandanavia it is a well loved series to teach kids that growing up isnt the worst thing in the world- but all us americans got was this movie. And I personally wish I had seen it sooner.

My version (though cheap) is missing a few parts- because People seem to think the stupidest things will scar kids for life. Which is a pretty big thing coming from me since I was scarred by very stupid things- and hey maybe If I had seen the Infamous "blindness" scene when I was younger I would have been scared too? But I highly doubt it- I find nothing scary about being blind...I more find it interesting... I used to PRETEND I was blind when I was younger because it was so interesting to me. I dunno I was a strange kid..

Also this movie was animated by Toei animation- Im sure some of you know who that is... its the company Miyazaki himself worked for for a while- (he made their mascot puss in boots) So the animation is Top notch- (for a kids movie) And I absolutely love all the expressions.

Also the songs are far too catchy for their own good.

Not only that but When I was watching it one of the ants said something-
 The one in glasses here....
And I knew I heard the voice somewhere- Turns out it was Mr. Barry Gordon, The voice Of the original Donatello! (TMNT) I was like omg...
I absolutely love Donnie. But I prefer him as a turtle instead of an ant.

haha But anyway to wrap this up- If you like older cartoons- give this one a shot- For what its worth its pretty neat..

And dont worry! You dont have to find it for a really cheap price at some resale shop-
A nice Youtube user has uploaded the entire (Presumably uncut) thing!

Feel free to lemme know your opinions!