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Vintage movie madness: Gallavants

Hey there Turnip chowderians~!!

Its been a bit huh? I just havent had much to write least nothing I figured anyone would find interesting. But today I decided to do something just because I had nothing better to do...

So I made up a new segment- yay- Vintage movie madness (Name subject to change later haha)

Basically since I love old cartoons And old movies- I figure I'll add a section of my random blog about when I randomly watch these and tell you what I think about them.

So onto our first One! From 1984 we have The:

This particular cartoon was one I had ALWAYS wanted to see, back in the day it was on all the VHS's we owned after the real show (When commercials werent obtrusive and annoying in the beginning) But I could NEVER EVER find it... well I found it recently for a really cheap price and picked it up.

Then decided to watch it.

Im iffy on if this was a good idea or not.

This movie is weird..but in an interesting way. The animation for a kids movie is Top notch and the songs are super catchy and-

Well wait, lets just start at the beginning instead haha...

(Im going off of what I remember from watching it the other day- so things might be slightly off)

Our story starts by telling us about A place called Ganterville, where the Gallavants live, everyone once they get a certain age, get their "Kabumps" (in other words....yea they become adults but in a ...kid friendly way?) And they get assigned jobs- They work hard to make the ant colony type thing work...

all except for one.

This ones Shando.

He's the lovable rulebreaker of the movie. He doesnt want to do what hes assigned and is the one who goes against the teacher at every turn while still respecting the hell out of him, Because by all means he doesnt hate Teetor (his teacher ant) but he doesnt want to be like everyone else-

It also doesnt help that he sucks at everything he tries to do...

But Shando wants to play music and doesnt really want to grow up- so he doesnt. And this puts his mentor in danger of getting fired- since the queens guard thinks hes a useless teacher and Shando is just the ant to prove his point.... blah blah blah


Luckily he gets a pick me up song from one of his best friends...

then things get better haha

Dont get me wrong guys- this movie IS NOT BAD. Apparently in scandanavia it is a well loved series to teach kids that growing up isnt the worst thing in the world- but all us americans got was this movie. And I personally wish I had seen it sooner.

My version (though cheap) is missing a few parts- because People seem to think the stupidest things will scar kids for life. Which is a pretty big thing coming from me since I was scarred by very stupid things- and hey maybe If I had seen the Infamous "blindness" scene when I was younger I would have been scared too? But I highly doubt it- I find nothing scary about being blind...I more find it interesting... I used to PRETEND I was blind when I was younger because it was so interesting to me. I dunno I was a strange kid..

Also this movie was animated by Toei animation- Im sure some of you know who that is... its the company Miyazaki himself worked for for a while- (he made their mascot puss in boots) So the animation is Top notch- (for a kids movie) And I absolutely love all the expressions.

Also the songs are far too catchy for their own good.

Not only that but When I was watching it one of the ants said something-
 The one in glasses here....
And I knew I heard the voice somewhere- Turns out it was Mr. Barry Gordon, The voice Of the original Donatello! (TMNT) I was like omg...
I absolutely love Donnie. But I prefer him as a turtle instead of an ant.

haha But anyway to wrap this up- If you like older cartoons- give this one a shot- For what its worth its pretty neat..

And dont worry! You dont have to find it for a really cheap price at some resale shop-
A nice Youtube user has uploaded the entire (Presumably uncut) thing!

Feel free to lemme know your opinions!

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