Saturday, September 1, 2012

10 More animations you need to see~

Hey! Welcome back- I found more stuff you guys should totally check out- You know if you'd like to that is <3 I put them all in the same post this time. XD

So lets get started!

1. The canned Cat

A young girl buys a cat in a can (just add water!) from a grocery store, and gets more than she bargained for.

2. The butterfly dragon

Beautiful, sweet and endearing. Proof that you can tell an awesome story with no words.

3. Entropy

One of my friend Boodles favorites, I like the song at the end the most though XD I want a full version of that! not that the rest of it isnt good- its very awesome! which is why its on this list~

4. Red

A different sort of telling of Little red riding hood- and probably the better one in my opinion <3

5. The Thomas Beale Cipher.

Apparently it was based on a true story, but the animation is interesting and different- and well worth a lot. plus that narrarators voice... o-em gah...<3<3<3 *swoon*

6. Oktapodi


7. Gary

a simple story about wanting to grow up way too fast and the consequences it can cause.

8. Laundry day

hahah an unexpected twist! I'd be pretty freaked out too though to be honest XD but Im not sure if that would be before, or after I started laughing hysterically.

9. Thought of you

A wonderfully sad and dramatic if not beautiful animation to a beautiful song. This guy is my hero....

10. The backwater gospel (NSFW- its got blood)

well...that escalated quickly....O-O

Hope you enjoyed!!


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